2)    £1000 + ARTIST   in   Residence    in    KYOTO    in  2017  (Automatic selection)


2nd Option is you can have £1000 plus automatic selection for Artist in Residence in Kyoto in 2018.


Every year many artists will apply for this popular residency so it will be very difficult to be selected for only three places but if you won the Grand Prize and if you wish then you will be selected without go through selection process.


You can stay in Kyoto for two weeks free and your return flight from London to Osaka will be paid.


You can join our AIR in Kyoto in 2018 instead 2017 in order to give you more time to prepare.


Click photos on the right to see more about our AIR in Kyoto.


If you wish to go to Tokyo after stay in Kyoto we can arrange too.

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What's     grand     prize   for    EWAAC  2016 ?

1)  £2000     in    cash ... or ......

2)  £1000 +AIR   in   Kyoto (2 weeks) .....plus

           1   week    exhibition      at     EWAEE    2017    in    KYOTO.





You     can      participate      in     our    EWAEE  (East- WEst    Artists    Exchange     Exhibition )

in     Kyoto   2017.

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