2)    £1000 + ARTIST   in   Residence    in    KYOTO    in  2018  (Automatic selection)


2nd Option is you can have £1000 plus automatic selection for Artist in Residence in Kyoto in 2018.


Every year many artists will apply for this popular residency so it will be very difficult to be selected for only three places but if you won the Grand Prize and if you wish then you will be selected without go through selection process.


You can stay in Kyoto for two weeks free and your return flight from London to Osaka will be paid.


You can join our AIR in Kyoto in 2018 instead 2017 in order to give you more time to prepare.


Click photos on the right to see more about our AIR in Kyoto.


If you wish to go to Tokyo after stay in Kyoto we can arrange too.

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What's     grand     prize   for    EWAAC  2016 ?

1)  £2000     in    cash ... or ......

2)  £1000 +AIR   in   Kyoto (2 weeks) .....or ...

3)  £1000 + Solo    Exhibition    in    London





3)    £1000 + your   solo   exhibition    in    london

 (at any time in a year if book early)


3rd Option is £1000 plus our support for your solo exhibition in London. (suitable for non-UK artist)


Our support includes:


1) We hire a nice gallery in central London for 1 week and pay.

2) we provide accommodation for two weeks including 1 week preparation before open and we pay for you.

3) We help hang works, invite guests, press, organize opening reception and receive visitors during your solo exhibition.


What is not including :


1) Your return travel costs

2) Shipping costs of your work (see how to save your shipping costs)

3) Our staff's transportation costs.

4) Printing, frame, other materials to make your work.



You can have your solo exhibition at this gallery in London

We can advertise, invite guests, receive visitors for you.

How   to   save  your  shipping   costs ?

Unless you have enough money please do not send many works via shipping company or couriers from abroad as they will ask you to pay import tax and you have to pay very expensive  insurance.  You will also need someone in UK to receive works and send back but we cannot help for this.


1) For 2D work (painting, drawing etc.)


Remove canvas from wooden frame and roll them and post or bring with you.

After arrive in UK, you can put them on wooden frame.  Frame size is standard so we can purchase before arrive and ready for you to put your canvas again. 

You can bring as many small works in your luggage as possible.


2) For Print, Digital works, photography


Bring prints without framed or send images to us as we can ask professional printers to print to any size.  Printing costs in UK is much cheaper in Japan.

We can put frame and cut mount if necessary.  Some works do not need mounts.

We recommend to print 4-5 very large ones (100cm x 100cm) and if exhibit them with small ones will give impact for the exhibition.  We can provide many small and middle size wooden frames at very competitive price.  You may not need frame for large print if present with other ways to look nice.


3) For 3D works (sculpture, ceramics, crafts etc.)


You can bring many small items and can exhibit in two tall glass cases. Each case has 4 shelves so total 8 small works (includes a set of works) can be exhibited with a key so it will be safe for valuable works.

We have also 4-5 white plinths (30cm x 30 cm surface) so you can exhibit 4-5 more works on them.

For large works on the floor, you should bring or send parts and assemble them at the gallery.


However, all walls will be empty and if you do not have 2D works, you should team up with a local 2D artist and exhibit as '2 artists exhibition'. We can find candidates of local 2D artists so you can choose one who will suit your work style and also you can charge the space so you get some money back for printing, frame etc.