ARTIST   in   Residence (AIR)   in    KYOTO   2016


We are calling for artists for this year's Artist in Residence in Kyoto 2016. This will be the last programme of AIR in Kyoto but we will resume with different style of AIR in Kyoto from 2017. So if you like current style of residency please do not miss this final opportunity.


For this year, as usually, we look for 4 ( 2 male + 2 female) non-Japanese artists who are very keen to learn Japanese culture and view Japan's traditional arts, buildings, gardens as well as meeting with some master craftsman in Kyoto while they stay. They will also be asked to produce some work which will be inspired by Kyoto.


  • Arrive in Kyoto on 2nd (Sat) April and check out on 16th (Sat) April.
  • Three weeks was too long so from this year the residency is for two weeks.
  • However, it will be too short to produce work while stay so the selected artists will be allowed to bring a half-finished work and then complete it in Kyoto.
  • The artists can exhibit their works for three days (11-13 April) at the gallery.
  • The selected artists must write and send back their diaries with photos which will be published live at our web-site ( read their diaries in 2014 and 2015)
  • The selected artists must buy their return air tickets by themselves. 
  • You do not have to pay rent for two weeks as we pay but please pay a fixed utility bill to us if you were selected.
  • You have your own room but each room is different size so we recommend to swap for one week each.
  • If you wish to go to Tokyo or somewhere else in Japan please go before or after the residency (2-16 April) and not during the residency.


Report   from   AIR   in   Kyoto   2014


You can see a report from AIR in Kyoto 2014.  Selected 4 artists (one

artist withdrew by health problem) sent us their diaries with

photos while they lived in Kyoto for three weeks.


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Report   from   AIR   in   Kyoto   2015


Read diaries of these lucky artists who were sent to Kyoto by EWAAC last year.

They lived and worked in Kyoto for three weeks and while they stay they visited traditional places and met

master craftsman in Kyoto.


Call    for    Artists !!