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Report   from   AIR   in   Kyoto   2014


You can see a report from AIR in Kyoto 2014.  Selected 4 artists (one

artist withdrew by health problem) sent us their diaries with

photos while they lived in Kyoto for three weeks.


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Report   from   AIR   in   Kyoto   2015


Read diaries of these lucky artists who were sent to Kyoto by EWAAC last year.

They lived and worked in Kyoto for three weeks and while they stay they visited traditional places and met

master craftsman in Kyoto.


EWAAC   Artist   in    residence   in    Kyoto 

Laurence Causse-Parsley (French)




Laurence is  French self-taught artist who lived in Asia for 10 years and came back to London in September 2010.  Laurence 's work is deeply influenced by her extensive travelling as well and is characterised by a bold approach to colours. Her work has been shown in India,FranceThailand, New-York and London.

While her academic training is in Political Sciences, her Art training was acquired by following the teachings of different artists such as Yves Desvaux-Veeska in Parisfrom1990-1995, with whom she developed her acrylic painting technics. In London ..... Read more


Paul Bennett (British)




With global representation, fine artist Paul Bennett specialises in contemporary semi-abstract seascapes

and landscapes, abstraction and also distinctive portraiture. The three themes are very different in mood, style and perspective, but both endeavour to generate a sense of intimacy and isolation while leaving the subject open to interpretation. The intention is to create from memory to produce finished work that is abstracted and more expressional than representational. Paul's work is in private and public collection worldwide. ..... Read more


Dominik Wlodarek (Polish)




All the elements are on the image, but reflected, so some viewers can recognize the places but the reflection causes also some kind of confusion. ..... Read more


Report   from   AIR   in   Kyoto   2016


Read diaries of these lucky artists who were sent to Kyoto by EWAAC last year.

They lived and exhibited their works in Kyoto and while they stay they visited many traditional places

and met master-craftsman in Kyoto and experienced some interesting work shops.