EWAAC   ARTIST   in   Residence (AIR)   in    KYOTO   2017






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New   residents   for  our  AIR   IN    Kyoto 

Larissa Bone (Photographer /Sculptor)




Larissa Bone is an interdisciplinary artist who works with photography, sculpture and video performance. Larissa trained in modern art in England since 2007 and completed an MA Fine Art at the Arts University Bournemouth (AUB). Her woks are exhibited in Greece, Ukraine and throughout the UK.  

Larissa’s photographic works are reminiscent of chiaroscuro paintings, where the visual beauty of real objects is produced by light and dark contrast in tranquil compositions that balances on the edge of recognition and alienation. 

Industrial processes are used within sculpture where she examines the material’s physicality of fragility and strengths. Larissa’s recent work is to acquire the waste cullet from a local glass manufacturer and then re-arrange it in a kiln; this then fuses the glass back together at high temperatures suggesting restoring of the damaged.

The themes of waiting, expectation and uncovering of the unknown are explored through the melting process where the result can be satisfying or disappointing.

Larissa Bone has lived and worked in the South of England since 1991, and is a British resident.  ..... 


Jan Bowman (Textile artist)




Jan is a textile artist based in the UK. Jan’s artworks take the form of spatial divides, panels and sculptural pieces woven on a dobby loom. The work interprets the wonderful colour, form and texture inherent in the natural landscape, alongside exploring the often intangible rhythms in nature; the play of light and shadow, sequences of growth, currents, tides and land formation. Jan is also strongly influenced by aspects of traditional Japanese aesthetic, particularly the Japanese appreciation and interpretation of nature, material and textual sensitivity, artistry and master craftsmanship evident in so many mediums.

Jan uses a combination of natural and man-made materials in her work and is constantly pushing the boundaries of the technical possibilities in weaving. The work embraces a high level of craftsmanship and a desire to make the pieces as ‘beautiful’ as possible.

Jan has exhibited extensively in the UK and in New York, Tokyo, Brussels, Frankfurt, Paris, Lille and Copenhagen.


Lauren is an Edinburgh based artist who creates highly decorative contemporary miniature paintings, populated by playful protagonists of an anthropomorphic persuasion. Characters throughout her painting parody the many small joys and every day mundanities of human experience, creating nonsensical narratives to which she lends a sense of significance via obsessive and elaborate ornamentation. Lauren’s work is as much a kin to written fiction as visual art; separate works follow a continuous divergent narrative with events and characters in individual paintings referencing the wider fiction via links to fabricated history and inferred ancestry. Since graduating from Edinburgh College of Art in 2013, she has taken part in a variety of group and solo exhibitions in the UK and been awarded multiple prizes, including The Royal Scottish Academy Landscape Award (2014) and The Prudential Award for Young Artists (2014).


Paul  Rowbottom (Sculptor)



Lauren Bowman (Painter)




AIR   in   Kyoto    2014  -  2016

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Paul trained as a sculptor at Leicester Polytechnic and Les Arts Decoratif, Strasbourg.

A major influence on his working practice was a period spent with the artists of Tengenenge Sculptors Community, Zimbabwe in 1992. Since then he has undertaken various commissions.

Paul is also active in creating tile panels in school and community settings. Recent projects include the design and sympathetic restoration of two 1930’s Art Deco cinemas; 

The Odyssey, St Albans (http://odysseypictures.co.uk/aboutus/)

The Rex, Berkhamsted (http://therexberkhamsted.com/).


Elegant simplicity of form and the use of appropriate materials are essential concerns in his stone carving and ceramics, which use traditional methods and attempt to create work which is both contemporary in feel yet reaching back to an ancient heritage. 

He is part-time lecturer in ceramics & sculpture.