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Since Britain decided to exit from EU, GBP's value went down and recorded the lowest for 36 years and still not recovered so it's the best time for foreigners to come to UK to take advantage and save money.


So we started to call for applicants for our popular summer programme 'Artist in Residence in UK in 2017'

early while GBP is low in order to support our artists in abroad who wish to attend the programme.


What is 'Artist in Residence in UK' ?


1) You can stay at very comfortable studio in Bedford university's campus. Each studio contains bed, own toilet, shower, large work desk and free Wifi. A large kitchen to be shared with four other residents who are all EWAAC's artists so you can meet naturally and share information and help each other.


2) You can plan where to go and what to do by yourself and free to stay somewhere else for a few days if you travel far such as to visit Edinburgh although you have to pay for a rent for the studio. 


3) You can check in on 29th July (Sat) and check out on 12th August (Sat) but you can arrive early or extend your stay for a few days if let us know beforehand.


4) While stay you can exhibit your works at EWAEE (East-West Artists Exchange Exhibition) for a week and meet with local and International artists there. The exhibition will be held in central London from 8th - 11th August and 6th, 7th will be preparation for the exhibition. Artists exchange party will be held on 8th (6:30 pm - 9:00 pm)


5)The campus is situated in Luton and only 21 minutes by train from London (St Pancras / Kings Cross station).

There is a huge shopping Mall near to the campus and the studio has 24 hours security and you can leave or return at any time with your security key.


Where is the gallery and what can I exhibit?


1) The gallery is situated in Hammersmith in central London and only 3 minutes walk from the tube station.


2) The gallery is spacious and clean and you can exhibit in a slot so depend on size you can exhibit 1-4 works in a slot.


3) One slot for 2D and photo work is 120 cm width x 120 cm height and for 3D work, you can exhibit up to two works but one 3D work size must be within 30cm (H)x 20cm (W) x 20cm (D). If larger than this size or many small 3D works as a set please let us know beforehand. 


4) You must bring your work by yourself as we will not receive them by post or courier. Also you must collect it when close the exhibition except you have arrangement with us  beforehand.


5) You can sell your work at the exhibition but please put price including 20% handling charge for EWAAC.

You do not need to pay any to the gallery


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