Gallery   Somos


Kottbusser Damm 95, 

10967 Berlin



Transport: The subway line U8 station Schönleinstrasse (exit Schinkestrasse) is virtually at SomoS’ doorstep, as is the N8 Nightbus stop. It is a 200 meter walk from subway station U-Bahnhof Kottbusser Tor (subway line U1). Here you’ll find a taxi

stand as well ( see map below)




16 (Mon) .....

17 (Tue)........

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Bring works to the gallery and hang.

Prepare. Opening reception (6-9 pm)

Open (12 noon -7pm)

Open (12 noon -7pm)

Open (12 noon -7pm)

Open (12 noon -7 pm)

Open (12 noon - 2pm) Close and pack




Time table (May, 2016)




Call for Artists !  Still spaces left !

What size and how many works can I exhibit ?




You can exhibit  2D, 3D, Photographs, digital arts except installation work up to 4 works within one slot. However, each work size must be within the recommended size. (see fig. on the left).


Non member can also exhibit if pay additional fee but if you live in Berlin or in Germany we will give Special Offer as follow





Only for artists who lives in Berlin or in Germany and can bring works to the gallery directly on 16th and collect it on 22nd from the gallery.


2D artist ..... can exhibit up to 4 works in a slot which is 120 cm height x 120 cm width or one large work up to 130 cm x 130cm (see fig left)


3D work .....can exhibit maximum 80 cm height x 30 cm x 30 cm for one free stand work on floor or 1-3 small works as a set  to be exhibited on one plinth (30 cm x 30 cm surface).


Special Offer fee for remaining 5 places .....


1 week exhibition fee for non-member .... £25

(normally £85)

However, please enter more than 2 works  to EWAAC 2016 (art competition :

2 entry fee will be £40 but you can win many prizes including grand prize which you can win £2000 prize money or invited to Kyoto for two weeks or  offer to have solo exhibition in London for a week

See details : Click here


If you enter more than three works you will be given Profile:Page free for 1 year.





You can exhibit up to 4 works  in one slot





Click on map to see            large details.


but work size must be within recommended shows above 

For any enquiry :


How to apply for your Special Offer ?




Click and fill in the application form for our Berlin Exhibition.







and select or fill in like below.







1) Send your images, size of your works which you wish to exhibit at our Berlin exhibition to  together with URL of your web-site as soon as you can.

2) We will decide immediately and if you got YES, then fill in the application form for Berlin exhibition like below and pay the fee via Paypal. Do not pay before you got YES from us.












3) Then visit EWAAC 2016 site and select 'Application' menu and fill in the 'Registration / Entry form' and decide two or more entries and submit..













4) Then pay the entry fee via Paypal.

You can pay together with the discount fee of £25 plus

this entry fee all in once if you wish..If we do not receive any payment within 48 hours then your application will be cancelled and give your place to other applicant.


5) After send forms and paid the fees you will receive confirmation from us and you must submit details of

all your exhibits.













All Exhibits  should be for sale but if you do not wish to sell just write as N/A (not applicable). When sold EWAAC will take 20% for a handling charge so please include this when you give us your price.