Special   offer  (Discount Coupon for selected artists)


We are delighted to present our special discount coupon to selected artists in order to encourage them to enter

EWAAC 2015 but must enter by 5 July. You can also give this coupon to your friends. T & C are as follow.





















How to fill in your entry (registration) form by using the coupon?


1) Visit our web-site and check details at: 


2) Click 'How to Enter' on top menu and select 'Register Now' button and fill in the form as below and do not

forget to write name who gave the Special Offer to you. You must also write down the coupon code.




3) After submit Entry (Registration)Form please pay the fee (GBP and not Euro) via Paypal as soon as possible and get receipt from Paypal (Unique Transaction ID)


4) Take photos of your work and edit to 72 dpi Jpg. (File size: within 1 MB. Height dimension: more than 800 pixels)


5) Download ' Final Entry Package Form' and fill in the form (your details, each work's details etc.)

   Send it together with images to:  final.entry@ewaac.com     by zip or upload to:  www.wetransfer.com


6) Wait for selection results for 1st selection and finalists which will be announced on 1st September 2015.


7) If your work(s) was selected for the finalists then prepare to ship your work. There is size restriction for shipping but if you deliver to (and collect from)  the galley on specified date and time you can exhibit larger size (1.5m x 1.5m maximum).


8) We will organise big Finalists' Exhibition for all art categories at La Galleria Pall Mall London in October and all winners of each category will be announced at Award Ceremony on 29 October.




For any questions: info@ewaac.net



until   5th   July   

New   extended

entry   deadline

10   JUly  2015


Hurry !

1) If you receive introduction mail for EWAAC 2015 from EWAAC staff or from your friend then you can use this coupon to enter the competition at special discounted fee shown as above.


2) You must fill in the Entry (Registration) Form like below and write down discount coupon code (shown

above:  2015EWAAC7050) as well as name of EWAAC staff who sent and introduced EWAAC 2015.


3) You can give this coupon to your friends as many as you like but your friends must write down the Coupon Code and EWAAC staff's name who sent email to you on their entry form.


4) If you have already entered EWAAC 2015 and wish to add more entry work(s) just pay the balance of discounted fee or you can add another entry work each time introduced us new actual entrant (friend).


5) This special offer (discount coupon) will end on 5th July so plese enter EWAAC2015  before then.

including Profile Page free

             (till 28.02.2016)

Special Offer  will end on 5th July !

Act now in order to avoid disappointment !