EWAAC   &   Artist    members'    exhibitions / events

2015-2016 Events Calendar



29 March - 18 April

We will select four Western artists who can visit and stay in Kyoto for 3 weeks to learn traditional Japanese culture and produce works







Artist in Residence

in Kyoto 2015



Kyoto, Japan



13 - 17  May

We set up our show room

in Chelsea Town Hall in

King's Road to exhibit and sell works of EWAAC artists.







Art Sale Exhibition at our showroom in Kig's Road, Chelsea



King's Road in Chelsea, London



March - 30 June

Annual art competition

we organize and there are six art categories to enter.

Deadline is 30 June.







Call for Entries

The 6th EWAAC 2015

Art Competition



Based in London

Call for artists




2 - 15  AUGUST

Artists in Residence in UK. We will organise EWAEE (East-West Artists Exchange Exhibition while

this residency is organised







Artist in Residence

in UK 2015



Bedford University




27 - 31  October

Selected Finalists' Exhibition at La Galleria in

central London. 27 is Opening Party and 29 is Award Ceremony and party







EWAAC 2015 Finalists' Exhibition

& Award Ceremony



at La Galleria, 

Pall Mall, London



11 - 16 November

5 Western artists visit and exhibit in Tokyo, Japan and 5 Japanese artists in Japan will help them and exhibit together. 







The 5th EWAEE (East -

West Artists Exchange Exhibition



Tokyo, Japan