Where to find Entry Form and Final Entry Package Form


It is easy to find both forms at  

  • Click 'How to Enter' button on top menu.
  • Click 'Register Now' button and then you will see 'Entry (Registration Form' to fill in.
  • Scroll down the page and you will see 'How to submit Final Entry Package' 
  • Find Step-3 in green coloured button。
  • Then you will see a button: Final Entry Package Form
  • Click the button and download the form to fill in.
  • All information for 'How to fill in and make images'. will be written in blue coloured letters on the form

How to pay entry fee via Paypal ?


If you wish to pay by credit card it is same step to use Paypal. The difference is if you pay by credit card, you have to give all details (card number, expiry date, security code etc) to seller each time. If you pay by Paypal,

you give same  information to Paypal when sign up then you do not need to give these information to any other sellers because Paypal will pay on behalf of you and sellers will not ask your details so it's very safe.

  • You do not have to pay any registration fee when you sign up.
  • You can send money immediately after sign up as much as you are allowed to spend for your credit card.
  • You do not have to pay any monthly maintenance fee to Paypal so you can keep it as long as you wish and you can close your account at any time.
  • When you pay entry fees by Paypal, enter our Email (ewacc.art@gmail.com) and amount in GBP.
  • Before you send, Paypal will ask where to deliver? so please select 'No physical delivery required).
  • As soon as you transfer, the payment will appear in our Paypal account so you do not miss deadline.
  • Paypal will also send receipt (Unique Transaction ID) to your Email as soon as you paid so you can fill in this ID when you submit Final Entry Package Form..

Key    dates



* Entry was closed on 12 July (Sunday: 23.59 GMT) 2015. 

* We must receive all Final Entry Packages (images + details) by 15 July.

* If you have special offer you can still enter.

* If you missed deadline but still wish to enter pleae contact : info@ewaac.net.

* Profile Page should be completed or updated by 25 July before selection starts.

* 1st Selection will be made by our judges between 25 July and 25 August.

* Final selection results will be announced on 1st September, 2015.

* If selected for finalists, you will receive instruction 'When, Where to deliver' 

* All finalists for Video / Animation will be showcased online for public voting.


* Finalists for Art Exhibition will be held at La Galleria Pall Mall from 27 October.

* Opening Party with 250 guests will be held on 27 October (6:30 - 9: 00pm)

* All winners will be announced on 29 October followed by big Award Ceremony.






What is Grand Prize?


If you won the Grand Prize, you can select from:

  • £2000 cash or
  • £1000 cash + Automatic selection for Artist in Residence in Kyoto 2016. We will normally select 4 non-Japanese artists from thousands applicants because the programme is so popular. All residents can stay at our accommodation in Kyoto for three weeks free.  Not only that our associate in Kyoto will take many traditional places and let them meet master craftsman in Kyoto such as in Kimono industry, Bamboo crafts, Urushi (Japanese-lacquer Arts) and also lean Japanese calligraphy etc. If Grand Prize winner select this he or she will be included in one of the 4 residents in 2016 automatically without competition.
  • You can see diaries of four artists who enjoyed Artists in Residence in Kyoto in this year.
  • There are many other prizes such as Best Category Prizes (for each six category), Nikon UK Prize, Best Student Prize, Raymond Brownell Prize, Suwa Garasuno-Sato Prize etc.

''You do not have to send actual

  work for the 1st selection''




How to submit Final Entry Package


After download the Final Entry Package Form ....  

  • Make images followed guidance written in blue colour on the form
  • Each image size must be within 1MB and height dimension should be more than 800 pixels.
  • Resolution of images must be 72 dpi.  If file size is too big the resolution might be 300dpi 
  • Please send form and images with a zip and send to final.entry@ewaac.com.
  • You cannot upload images to our selection site directly so you send to our designer who will do the rest for you professionally.
  • If you cannot send with a zip, then please upload all files to  www.wetransfer.com as we can download your files from them.  You can upload up to 2GB free in one transaction but please be careful as they advertise Wetransfer Plus which is not free.  So if you see this AD, click Skip button then you will see free version.  You do not need to sign up so just select your files one by one and fill in our email, final.entry@ewaac.com  and press send button.  As soon as completed they will inform us so we can download all of your files.

                                                 For any enquiries : info@ewaac.net