Good   News- 1


Our 4 artists in Residence will stay in Kyoto from 29 March to 18 April for three weeks. Last year we organised a group exhibition at the same time. However, despite success, the shipping costs, import tax, insurance etc are getting more complicated if ship together so we have decided not to organise this year.  


When our representative in Japan met the associated gallery in Kyoto yesterday, there was new development.

For this year ( not sure for future), all four residents can use a half of the gallery as their work place for the first two weeks to produce their works and in the final week they can exhibit their works in the gallery.  Furthermore, because the gallery is too big to exhibit for 4 artists (residents) we have decided to give opportunity to EWAAC artists to exhibit with the 4 residents.


We do not want to organise a large group exhibition like last year (32 artists) so we are looking for about 5 good quality artists from our members. This time artists must send the works to the gallery directly if selected - between 6 and 10 April or before as the exhibition will be held from 14-18 April. When the exhibition closed our staff in Kyoto will pack and send back to the artist directly.


We will organise private view and invite local press as we did last year.

We are not sure if we can do like this next year so this will be a rare opportunity to exhibit in Kyoto.


If you are interested in taking part please apply ASAP but you must fill in the form your premium membership or premium-B membership No. so please apply ASAP if you are not member yet.


Please note we will only accept application for premium membership between 1st January and 28 February but we accept to receive until Monday, March 2 in this special occasion. 







Deadline for application for Kyoto Exhibition is on 5th March  but we may

grant early if the application and images of works are suitable for the exhibition. so please hurry if you are interested.


Exhibition cost is only £50 for two works but artist must pay shipping costs(return), etc.

Good   News- 2






To have solo exhibition in Japan is every artist's dream but it is now possible for our members at affordable costs. So don't miss this opportunity!


As mentioned, to ship many exhibits to Japan as a group is getting more expensive  and complicated but if you bring your work by yourself it will be OK but please check the limit size to bring in the flight which is different depend on airline.   


So only we can organize exhibition in Japan will be sending work individually or bring works with the artist and in that reason we will recommend, Installation work which artist can buy or collect materials in Japan or photograph (send  images, print and put frames in Japan). You can also send or bring rolled 2D arts which we invented the new way to send or carry to abroad (see left).


1) EWAAC will sponsor for a gallery space (3.6m x 3.6m) in Tokyo for 1 week. (November 11-16 2015) for our member.


2) EWAAC will also arrange reasonable self contained studio accommodation at

cheapest rate (£395 per week). 


3) The artist can stay another week if required for preparation before the exhibition start. However, you can save money if you prepare on 11 (Wed), 12 (Thu) and open to public on 13(Fri), 14(Sat) and 15(Sun) in November. So you can leave London on 9th (Mon) and arrive in Tokyo on 10 (Tue).  and leave Tokyo on 17th (Tue) morning to London.

In this case you can complete everything in one week.  But  you can book the studio for two weeks to complete If you can afford but the gallery  is free for one week.


4) EWAAC will support and advertise, promote and organise private view and invite many guests and press. We will charge for this as a package for £200.


5) All you have to pay is return flight ticket and 1 week studio rent (£395) + our promotion package (£200).  if necessary our staff in Tokyo can help to receive one small parcel for this.










Solo exhibition in Japan for Installatiion, Film/Video, Photography, small 3D and rolled 2D work are now available for our members.  

Drawing or

Art work.

Application deadline for this solo exhibition in Tokyo is on 31 March. However, you have to be a member when you apply (see information at the bottom of this page).

Don't   forget










We have about 70% of spaces were

taken so please book early in order to avoid disappointment.  


This event is only for our Premium members. Application deadline for premium membership was extended to 

2nd March so please do not miss the new deadline.
















There are still some spaces available for our premium members in our showroom in Kings road in  May 11-17   This programme consist with 2 months online promotion and 1 week presentation at showroom to sell or get rental deal or get commission work from companies, hotels, restaurants, art lovers etc for our premium members. 

What  is   premiu m   membership ?

                                                                                                                                                     1) Normally only artists who passed the 1st selection of EWAAC competition in the past (and future) are eligible to apply because we would like to keep high standard of artists which will enable us to provide them with many opportunities quickly without make any pre-selection which may take time when require artists urgently. For example, the Special Group Exhibition in Kyoto has suddenly come up and must select quickly so there is no time to pre-select. However, any Premium Members are guaranteed with their quality of works because they have already passed the difficult 1st selection made by our judges.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      2) We are not discriminating with other artists but we like loyal artists so we provide them with various benefits to stay with us. So we give opportunity to apply or renew the membership at the beginning of the year (January 1- February 28) before start to call for entries in March.  So after March all artists are same.                                                                                                                                                                                                       3) Also even artists who passed the 1st selection of EWAAC in the past, if they do not apply for premium membership for 3 consecutive years then they will lose eligibility of applying for premium membership because we regard they will no longer interested

in EWAAC. If they wish to apply for the membership in the future they must pass the 1st selection of EWAAC again. They can enter the EWAAC with normal entry fees.








Photography / Small many 3D

and for anything if approved.

What are   benefits to   become   EWAAC   premiu m   member ?

                                                                                                                                                  There are many good reasons to become our premium members.


1) The member can enter EWAAC up to 3 works free if became a member for that year.  Of course, you must pay annual membership (£50) but normally cost £65 if enter 3 works so you have already saved £15 and still can enjoy many more benefits.                                                                                                                                                                                                   2) We organize various events and you can apply for these without go through pre-selection process. We know all premium members have passed very tough EWAAC competition so the quality of works will be guaranteed without check.                                                                                                                                                                                               3) You can apply for members only  programmes such as Artists in Residence in Kyoto, Online/Showroom promotion to sell in Chelsea., Group Exhibition in New York etc.                                                                                                                                                                         4) You can have special Profile Page which will be promoted worldwide in East-West Artists Directory, Artists of the month, Facebook etc. Your works will also be sold online.                                                                                                                                                             5) You can attend our GEIKYO (Art Bridge) gathering free while non-members have to pay £5 at the entrance.  You can meet all kind of artists as well as art professionals there and widen contact.   









Don't   forget











All members can enter EWAAC 2015 up to 3 works free.


















Our annual art competition will start soon.  Call for entries starts on 1st March and entry dead line is 30 June 2015. All finalists will be invited to exhibit actual works at La Galleria, Pall Mall, central London for a week and

Grand Winner will receive 2000GBP or 1000GBP + 3 weeks Artist in Residence in Kyoto, Japan.

EWAAC showcase in king's road in Chelsea

EWAAC annual art competition will start soon

What   is   premium-  b   membership and  what   is  difference ?

                                                                                                                                                           Premium membership is only for artists who passed the 1st selection of EWAAC in the past or future but Premium-B Membership is for artists who are good but not had a chance to enter EWAAC and wish to apply for our events.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     In order to become this member the artist has to pay higher annual fee (£70) and receive Membership number with which this member can apply for many of our events except the one for premium member only. For some events, this member will be requested to submit further information while premium members will never be asked .

                                                                                                                                                            When renew the member has to pay the same higher fee unless pass the 1st selection of EWAAC or submit form for upgrade request before January. There is assessment to decide whether grant upgrade or not.  and if granted just  send premium membership application form between 1 January and 28 February as sama as all premium members will do.  The best thing is to pass the 1 st selection of EWAAC..                                                                                                                                                                                                 

If you wish to enter only EWAAC then you do nothave to be member  but if become a member you can enter EWAAC free for up to 3 works.                                                                                                          










  • You can use this space for anything as long as we think your proposed project is good and innovative 

Free gallery for1 week !!