Artist in Residence in Kyoto


April 2 - 16 (2 weeks in Kyoto)

Call for 2 female + 2 male artists (total 4) 


Select from EWAAC members or Premium members

Artist Exchange Exhibition in

Tokyo + Kyoto visit (option)


March 14 - 23 (Exhibition and Tokyo) or

March 14 - 20 (Exhibition and Tokyo) +

             Kyoto (5 days: March 21 - 26)


Call for 3 or 4 non- Japanese artists to exhibit with 6 Japanese artists together in Tokyo and stay there

for 12 days or move to Kyoto after 7 days and enjoy

Kyoto for 5 days.


First come First served basis for Premium members

WE   also   call   for   Photographers   and   Digital   Artists

for 'Great Photopgraphy and Digital Arts Exhibition' in February.


February 14 - 19 at POSK Gallery, Hammersmith, London


There are still a few places left so please apply ASAP if you are interested.

How   can   i   choose    between   AIR    in    Kyoto   and   EWAEE   Tokyo?


1) You must apply for Premium Membership at first ( only £45 per year) 

       All EWAAC's events will be organised for EWAAC members and Premium members

       You are eligible to apply for Premium membership as you have passed the 1st selection of

       EWAAC in the past.  



2) Check the dates and costs for EWAEE Tokyo and if affordable apply for

    both AIR in Kyoto and EWAEE in Tokyo (or select option to visit Kyoto).


       EWAEE in Tokyo (Tokyo only) ....We will provide our three female members with a house to share during

       stay in Tokyo. The rent is £28 p/n /person (7 days = £28 x 7 - £196). You can stay for up to two weeks.  

       For male member, we will provide him with a single separate room or home-stay accommodation.

       To exhibit at the gallery for a week you must to pay for exhibition fee (1 slot= £85 ...this is 50% discount)


       If you wish to go to Kyoto after Tokyo,  take Bullet train (about £78) to move to Kyoto (for 2.5 hours) then we                can provide with a nice home stay (around £38 per night) for 5 days (£38 x 5 = £190 + small service charge)


       So all you need to pay will be  £196 + £85 + £78 + £190 + Service charge + return flight ticket + transportation

       You also need for foods (you can cook in Tokyo) , entertainment costs. If you wish our staff to meet you at                  airport please pay the airport coach fee + transportation to take you to the house. 

       If you stay in Tokyo only you this time you can of course save lots of money.  One of residents will stay

       in Tokyo only and booked the house for 12 days and is planning to perform something at the exhibition. 



3) Wait and hope to be selected for AIR Kyoto 2016 and if not selected ...

       So many people applied for AIR Kyoto 2016, therefore, you should think it will be a bonus if you were

       selected.  If you applied for both events and if you were not selected for  AIR in Kyoto, then we will

       select 3-4 exhibitors for EWAEE in Tokyo by First come First served basis.  This means if you apply

       only for EWAEE in Tokyo (+ Kyoto) and not for AIR in Kyoto, we will give a slot to that applicant without

       wait for the deadline 



The big house in Tokyo (can be shared by 3 EWAAC female members

                         (There is a separate studio for a male member)

Entrance with three rooms

plus a living room and kitchen

Large living room with TV

Large roof garden in safe 4th floor (there is an elebater)

Western style long bath tub

with shower.

For any enquiry :