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This useful site buiiding device was developped by EWAA

and EWAB for specifically for all of our artists for their need.


Artist can select two languages to build from five (English, French, Japanese, Chinese, Korean) and can show artist statement, exhibition history, gallery to sell online.


Artist can produce, edit, update  at any time with manual we provide and once get use it will be easy and quick to use.








  • You can select from 5 languages (English, Japanese, French, Chinese, Korean) to make bilingual biography and resume (CV).
  • Statement, education, lists of solo and group exhibition, award history etc.can be shown.
  • Up to 25 works (up to 5 images in each work) can be shown in the gallery page and can sell them online.
  • Short URL will be given so it looks your own home page.
  • Members can edit and publish at anytime by themselves and also ask any questions regarding production to our design team.
  • If a member has not got Photoshop and not good at computer or too busy to edit then our designer will be available to do it for you for small fee. Our professional translators will also be available.
  • When publish Profile Page, you can see your profile page on our online directory immediately to check the result..
  • We will introduce one of your work on our site and social media and link to your Profile Page so visitors can see not only the one work but all works in the gallery which will help to sell more works and your promotion worldwide.







What's EWAA Profile Page?

Home with Social media buttons

Statement and Exhibition history

Gallery page to sell works online

Samples of Profile Pages of EWAA / EWAB artists

Member's Log in


When you produce your Profile Page by yourself or ask our designer

to produce it for you please download these forms below and fill in which will be easier and quicker to edit your Profile Page.








Before start to produce your  Profile Page...

  Get manual  "How to produce Profile Page by yourself " 


When you log in you will be in your editing page with a pink editing button. Then you will see HELP button on top menu and click on it.

Then you can select English or Japanese manual of PDF which can be downloaded and print it out.