The winner of Suwa Garasuno-Sato. Prize 2015 : Christiaan D. Maas


Seven beautiful glass works were 

nominated from EWAAC 2015 and the Best Suwa- Garasuno-Sato Prize was awarded to Mr Christiaan D. Maas

Christiaan D Maas (right) and a judge David Stetson

Name :  Christiaan D. Maas

Title: Wake -Lateral Reversion 02

Media: Solid glass

Size: 20 cm x 20 cm x 8 cm

Emerging, waking, lingering, wandering, forever changing like a blossom. Shikō is an object for contemplation. 

A limited series of object d'art. Every piece has its own unique set of characteristics. 

Solid glass, hand-made, using a traditional blown-glass process in combination with contemporary techniques/processes called 'Canorama'* and ‘Reversion’


This body of work is a celebration of life, in the form of colour and movement. The process I have developed to make these objects is a process of reversing and re-creating. It is a process of creation and destruction in a vessel, signifying a rebirth. A constant motion frozen in time. The process of destruction enables me to influence the balance of light, colours and contrast within the objects. The ‘reversion’ creates a unique set of characteristics in each object..

Name :  Cathryn Shilling

Title: Cloaked – Jocasta & Laius

Media: Free blown glass with kilnformed glass fabri c applied hot.

Size: 60 cm x 18 cm x 15 cm

I make glass cloth pieces which utilise the Venetian glass cane techniques. The canes are made by drawing molten glass into fine strands of no more than one or two millimetres. I use a painstaking process to bring these together, strand upon strand, and then I fuse them in the kiln until they resemble fabric. These sheets of glass cloth are then re-fired and shaped while hot by moulding, bending or draping, to become three-dimensional artworks ranging from free-standing sculptures to opulent bowls edged with gold.
Cloaked are large figurative pieces that are the culmination of the development of ideas and processes made over a long period of time. The process of slow, considered exploration of the material cold and rigid in the studio. The technical exploration of hot glass processes requiring quick judgements in order to create a form, drawn from observation. And the process of resolution, so by bringing these elements together, produces something that is greater than the sum of the parts.
The piece stands tall like a character in a play, conveying the essence of inevitable tragedy to be found in life, love, war and death.


Name :  Teresa Chlapowski 

Title: Modern Saint

Media: Fused and slumped glass with silver and copper

  inclusions on slate 

Size: 48 cm x 19 cm x 6 cm

Its made from many pieces of recycled 8 mm thick float glass and then fused and slumped.


The piece can be read on many levels:

The bound figure in the middle has been pulled and stretched by the moving, melting glass in the kiln (up to 840 C). The figure is still burning red inside. The shape is inspired by Orthodox Christian icons, with a hint of a gold halo behind the head (silver leaf). A saint of old traditions.


But it’s also a modern saint: as new wars, disease and famine also bind, imprison and pull populations in all directions creating new heroes.


On a personal level it expresses the feeling of being bound, not in control, limited by our earthly body and its weaknesses.


現れて, 目覚め、燻り,迷う。まるで刻々と変わる花の開花のように。