Relating to EWAAC Finalists' Exhibition in London ( if you were selected).

  1. Please do not send or deliver your work to the gallery (La Galleria) in London directly except the day and time we specify. The gallery will not receive any works and parcels from exhibitors so they will not take any responsibility for loss or damage of the works

If you send your work from abroad, you must send to the specified address in the UK during a period we recommend in order to have enough time to deal with UK Customs in case your work was taxed.  It will normally take time between 5 days and 3 weeks to get your work from Customs.


If your work was taxed at UK Customs, we will send you a copy of PDF notice which shows amount of taxed so please transfer the money to us by PayPal as soon as you can. After we pay the tax, then the shipping company will deliver to us in a few days.


You do not have to pay all exhibition costs such as gallery rental fees, advertising, design / print costs, party costs (wine, soft drinks, snaks, presenter, etc for two event nights) as well as staff costs during the exhibition held. However it is not included any insurance or indemnity for protecting all exhibits during the exhibition.



















































If we find your work was damaged when we open your box, we will let you know immediately after taking photos as a evidence and we will help you to claim the damage for compensation to your courier or shipping company. However, normally, if outside box was undamaged they will not accept their responsibility by saying the way you packed was not good. Of course you can claim compensation up to the value you stated.


If your work is valuable and worry damage or loss during the exhibition we recommend you to take insurance by yourself.  The gallery has insurance but it will only cover against, fire, earthquaKe, flood etc and EWAAC will not take any responsibility for any accidental damage or loss during and outside opening hours of the exhibition as we only hire the gallery for the exhibition. You can insure your work as much as you wish but many insurance companies will ask you to submit its value certificate issued by independent authority which may cost you a lot.  So, it is all up to you to insure your work or not and please insure if you wish to have a peace of mind.



If you delivered your work to the gallery, you have to come (or send someone) to collect your work on the day and time we specify. We will have no extra space in our van or rented storage so if you left and uncollected your work at the gallery, we will not take any responsibility for damage or loss unless we have pre-agreed arrangement for other way of collection of your work. Even we manage to collect and carry to our storage we will charge for Van and storage's rental fee.


TeRMS   AND    CONDITIONS  FOR   ewaac   2016

If you do not live in UK or Europe and cannot deliver your work to the gallery by yourself then

please do not enter any larger work than we specify. Maximum size of box (work is inside) to

ship to our address in UK is: Height + Width + Length = within 160 cm.  If you can deliver to the

gallery and collect it by yourself at specified date and time then you can exhibit large work up to 140cm width.




EWAAC reserves the right to refuse any unsuitable entry works including political, religious, sexual, child pornography etc. at own discretion.