special  offer  -  Wild   Card   for Short Film / Animation category


Congratulations !  Your short film work has been selected for our wild card to enter EWAAC 2015.

This means you can enter two of your video works to Short Film / Animation category of EWAAC 2015 Competition

at just £25 only and also we guarantee one of your entries will be selected for the 1st selection.

However, if two of your works were selected for the 1st selection and finalists then you have to pay another £25 for promotion costs for online showcase to call for public votes, world tour etc.


You can see all selected works for the 1st selection online and then finalists will be selected by our judges so

whether your work (s) to be selected for the finalist or not is up to our judges so good luck!





How to accept our wild card?


If you accept our wild card and conditions please follow the steps below within the next seven days after received this offer from our staff.


1) Visit our web-site and check details of Short Film / Animation category at: 




2) Click 'How to Enter' on top menu and select 'Register Now' button and fill in the form as below and do not forget to write name who gave the wild card to you.




3) Please pay £25 (GBP and not Euro) via Paypal as soon as possible to get Receipt (Unique Transaction ID)


4) Make sure your video file is within 5 minutes and uploaded to VIMEO. Please do not upload to Youtube which

   we will not accept.  Get Vimeo ID of your video work.


5) Download ' Final Entry Package Form' and fill in the form (Your details, concept of your work, Vimeo ID etc.)

   Also get 4-5 images from frames of your video and submit to: final.entry@ewaac.com


6) Wait for selection result for 1st selection.  One of your work will be selected automatically but if 2 works were            selected for the 1st selection and finalists please pay another £25 for promotion costs such as online showcase.


7) 2nd selection will be made and decided finalists by our judges and will be announced on 1st September.


8) If your work(s) will be selected for the finalists then we will organize online showcase for all finalists for public            votes from 1 September to 25 October.


9) We will organise big Finalists' Exhibition for all art categories at La Galleria Pall Mall London in October and all            winners of each category will be announced at Award Ceremony on 29 October.


10) Selected Short Film / Animation will be edited for our showreel which will be promoted and shown at our World Video Tou (London - Kyoto - New York - Paris - Hong Kong)  



For any questions: info@ewaac.net



Grand  Prize


Your dream will come true!

3 weeks free stay in Kyoto!

or just 2000GBP cash.



Extended     Entry    Deadline


Entry deadline has been extended to 12 July but

we must receive Final Entry Package by 15 July (GMT)

at the latest.




Special   Offer



Special Offer- Wild Card

can be used until  12th July but you must submit Final Entry Package by 15 July..





EWAAC  2015




Special  offer -  wild  card   will end on 5th July

          so please enter now to avoid disappointment !!

Just pay £25 but

if two of works were selected for Finalists

please pay another £25

for promotion costs

as we have to produce

online showcase

and world tour etc.