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The environment that is lives, buildings, and also plants and materials around us is completed with the passing time like the appearance of life on earth. The place right here, right now, even if you are, it will be changed a new place in the next moment and be continued changing something new. 

The specific patterns configured on the spherical object takes the environment of its outside into it, developes a new world in a complicated like genes which are always connected, and overlaps each other. 

This spherical metal object conceiving the environment around it is compared to a mother's womb conceiving child. 

The environment growing in the object's womb shows us various different states that could be largely changed according to the observation angle or observation position as here you stand. 
This moment lead you to the future always.

Grand Prize

Name : Kenichi Shikata

Title : Wombs
Media : Stainless steel
Size : 27cm x 27cm x 27cm 

Grand Prize winner, Kenichi Shikata (right) and a judge, David Stetson


2nd Place Prize

Name : Le Pennec Marion

Title : Light of Shade 20


3rd Place Prize

Name : Gosia Łapsa-Malawska 

Title : Show me someone who      doesn't dream about the future?


Title : Light of Shade 20

Encouragement  Prize

Name : Alakina Mann

Title : Work 1


Encouragement Prize

Name : Lindsay Pickett

Title : Taste of Two Halves


Best Category Prize

Name : Marlies du Vallon Lohan

Title : The Beginning and the end


2nd Place Prize

Name : Vicky Oldfield

Title : Bowl of lilies


3rd Place Prize

Name : Kana Hasegawa

Title : Cinderella - The Feast


Encouragement Prize

Name : Ji Sun Lee

Title : Disconnection


Best Category Prize

Name : Philip Kennedy

Title : Credo the mimic


2nd Place Prize

Name : Sarah Caputo

Title : Casting the garden


3rd Place Prize

Name : Chris Telque

Title : ''Albert'' or the willingness


Encouragement Prize

Name : Iori Oda

Title : Tower and umbrella


Best Category Prize

Name : Yoichiro Sakai

Title : Sacred Wave


2nd Place Prize

Name : Raquel Carro Lopez

Title : Praying


3rd Place Prize

Name : Christofer Grandin

Title : Conversation at the banks

 of the River Thames


Nikon UK Prize

Name : Kumiko Oshima Mayer

Title : Light Symphony


Encouragement  Prize

Name : Shota Takamine

Title : A Cherry Blossom Tree


Encouragement Prize

Name : Naoto Takahashi

Title : Oakland Temple


Best Category Prize

Name : Libby Jones

Title : Cooking the Climate


2nd Place Prize

Name : Zuzanna Weiss

Title : Propeller


3rd Place Prize

Name : Kana Hasegawa

Title : Cinderella -The golden shoe


Encouragement Prize

Name : Gerlinde Behr-Johansen

Title : Paradise lost -    World/Inhabitants to come?


Encouragement Prize

Name : Mafune Gonjo

Title : Maze of a maze


Suwa Best Glass work Prize

Name : Christiaan D. Maas

Title : Wake - Lateral Reversion 02


2nd Place Prize

Name : Cathryn Shilling

Title : Cloaked-Jocasta & Laius


3rd Place Prize

Name : Teresa Chlapowski

Title : Modern Saint


Encouragement Prize

Name : Vic Bamforth

Title : So cool this cat


Encouragement Prize

Name : Seiko Shimano

Title : Cinderella's Rose


Best Category Prize

Name : Helen Wellington

Title : Farm View


Encouragement  Prize

Name : Basha Maryanska

Title : Spacibility


Encouragement  Prize

Name : Yoshimori Kataoka

Title : Discussion


Raymond Brownell  Prize

Name : Claudia De Grandi

Title : Sakura Season in Kyoto


Encouragement Prize

Name : Yukari Takeuchi

Title : Where used to be